May 9, 2012

Meet Us at the Testing & Finance 2012 Conference in London

Seapine Software will be at Testing & Finance 2012, being held in London for the first time ever. “Testing and Finance in Agile Projects, Social Media and Regulation” is the main theme of this year’s Testing & Finance, taking place on 16–17 May 2012 in London, UK. In addition to being sponsors and exhibiting at the conference, Peter Varhol will be delivering a keynote talk on 17 May titled "Agile Testing in a Regulated Environment." Peter will explain how Agile testing techniques can be adapted to not only assess quality and guide it to the required levels, but also verify that the application meets regulatory requirements. It looks at the relationship between Agile methodologies and testing, and illustrates a testing practice that supports Agile development for both functional testing and verification/regulatory testing. If you have been reluctant to introduce Agile testing practices into your development process, this talk is a great introduction to doing so effectively. More information: Testing and Finance 2012.