October 4, 2006

Microsoft Office Integration

Surround SCM
The Microsoft Office integration makes it easy for you to store and manage Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Project documents in Surround SCM. You can work with version-controlled documents from within the Microsoft Office application.

Configuring the Surround SCM connection

When you start a Microsoft Office application the Surround SCM Server address, port, username and password are retrieved from the registry. If the connection is not successful or you want to switch to another server you can manually configure the connection.
  1. In the Microsoft Office application, choose Surround SCM > Configure Connection.
  2. Select a Server, then enter your Surround SCM Username and Password.
  3. Select Always login with this username and password to store the information in the registry. You will be automatically connected when you start the application.
  4. Click Connect. You are now logged in and ready to start using Surround SCM.

Figure 1 - The Surround SCM menu in Microsoft Word

Surround SCM tasks

The following commands can be accessed from the Microsoft Office Surround SCM menu
Check In
Check Out
Configure Connection
Undo Check Out