September 27, 2016

MiTek Industries Gets to a Single Source of Truth with TestTrack

Helix ALM

Large teams? Multiple locations? Learn why development traceability isn't just for regulated industries.

proxy-clipart-blue-network-diagram-hi Companies with distributed teams often struggle to establish cohesion and control of their development processes. Lack of coordination and control can lead to wasted time and effort, which costs money, and to client dissatisfaction, which results in lost revenue. Distributed companies like MiTek Industries work hard to unify the systems that are essential to their missions. MiTek is the world's leading supplier of state-of-the-art engineered products, design software, and services for the building components industry. They are committed to maintaining a business focus at the local level, helping solve individual problems—despite being a global operation. That commitment doesn’t just extend outward to MiTek’s customers—it applies internally, as well. Having a number of locations, products, and teams that develop and test those products, MiTek understands the necessity of having a single source of truth for their development assets. Doing so has streamlined their workflows and improved their processes, resulting in better responsiveness to their customers. Just ask Carter Lumber, who named MiTek their 2015 Vendor of the Year.

Long-Time TestTrack Partners on the Path of Steady Growth

In the late 1990s, MiTek had reached the limits of the homegrown Microsoft Access application they were using to manage development, and made the switch to Seapine’s TestTrack. The company uses TestTrack extensively for their entire product lifecycle, from planning sprints all the way through to deployment. TestTrack gives them ample flexibility to determine their own process, yet enough structure to establish control and oversight in the form of workflows and traceability. Joe Prettyman, MiTek’s Director of Software Project Management, explains, “The work that we do is kind of odd in that we have almost 20 projects that we’re working on simultaneously in the same system, and all of those products have to work together. TestTrack allows us to make the customizations we need to work the way we want to work.” And customization is important, with so many products under development in this hybrid Agile shop. Read the customer story to learn more.