March 22, 2016

My Talk at MERGE 2016: Engineering in a DevOps World

MERGE User Conference

There is no denying that DevOps has shaken up the world of developing and deploying software. And with all the buzz around new techniques, tools and technologies, it’s easy to think your company is the only one not deploying hundreds of times a day.

However, there are age-old aspects of software delivery that DevOps doesn’t magically solve, particularly when it comes to release engineering and application lifecycle management. Is there a golden balance between automation and manual interventions? If ALM divides the application lifecycle into phases, can it co-exist with DevOps, which sees the entire development process as one cycle?

My presentation at MERGE 2016 will shine a light on what the new world of release engineering in a DevOps environment looks like and which aspects of the industry it’s leaving behind, which are here to stay and some of the hard realities we, as release engineers, face in this brave new world.

I hope to see you there!