May 11, 2010

New & Better TestTrack Sample Projects

We published several TestTrack sample projects a while back, but we didn't do much documentation on them and they were buried way down in  Seapine Labs. We've taken some steps with the 2010.1 release to improve those samples and make them more visible. First off, we've added links from the Resource Center page for each of the TestTrack products. Second, we've created documentation on how they're setup and typical use cases based on customer conversations. We're hoping to hear from you regarding what use cases you're most interested in and feedback on the existing sample projects. So don't hold back! The complete list is linked below, you can click on any of the projects to see details, screenshots, and installation instructions.

View & Download All Samples

Agile Development

We've added an Agile-centric sample project based on the Scrum methodology. This project highlights how you can use TestTrack in a Scrum environment, including sprint and release planning, task boards, burn downs, and much more. If you're doing Agile development now or considering it, check out the project and see how TestTrack can help.

View & Download Agile Sample

If you have ideas for additional samples or want to see a specific sample improved, please submit a feature request.