April 8, 2014

New Functionality in Folder Diff


Folder Diff is one of the gems in P4V. The tool helps you to compare branches, changes, local files vs depot files, shelves, you name it. To put it simply, any directory anywhere at any point in time, as long as Perforce knows about it, as long as it is available on your machine, or any possible combination of these two.

When renaming or moving files, Folder Diff was letting the user down. A rename/move was visually treated as a delete on one side and a add on the other. The connection was not being made by FolderDiff, and making that connection was an intellectual exercise for the user. This could be confusing, and is undoubtedly error prone. This is no longer true.

Starting in P4V 14.1, moved/renamed files are shown in light green and users can easily distinguish between the different types of diffs: files present only on one side (unique), edited files (content diffs), and moved/renamed files.

Here’s a screenshot:

folder diff screenshot

In this example, wall.e.txt is renamed wall.eee.txt, clearly shown in light green, and agnesMui.txt is moved from 1999_main to 1999_main/eh2, also shown in light green. palmer.txt, which is content diff only, is in purple. aggie.txt is displayed in yellow because it is a local only file and so only present on the workspace half of the view.

Before this change, users would have to look much harder to figure out what changes took place, and that is especially difficult when there are many files involved. In 14.1, customers will find this feature especially useful when integrating between branches or accepting changes from the outside or any diff operations involving large number of files.

Download the latest version of P4V and take a look!