September 16, 2015

New Jira Integration Syncs Your TestTrack Data


Problem: One team in your organization uses TestTrack, while another uses Jira. You need to sync the two so that the teams can easily share data and stay up to date.

Solution: Seapine’s new TestTrack-Jira interface. The TestTrack-Jira interface runs in the background and syncs data between the two. The interface is a Windows service that starts automatically and executes a sync instance. Sync instances run at set intervals that can be configured based upon your specific requirements. The default is every five minutes.

What is a “sync instance”?

Sync instances are when defined elements in TestTrack sync with Jira, or vice versa. A sync instance can be when a TestTrack defect syncs with a Jira issue, for example. Sync instances are defined by the user, and you can set up as many as you like.

What can I sync between TestTrack and Jira?

You can sync fields, defects, requirements, attachments, workflows—anything in TestTrack for which there is a Jira equivalent. You cannot sync TestTrack test cases and test runs, for example, because there is no equivalent in Jira for those. 

JIRA Sync Field Mapping
The Field Mapping setup tab 
JIRA Sync Workflow Mapping setup tab
The Workflow Mapping setup tab


Will the Jira integration slow down TestTrack or Jira?

No. Because the integration does not rely on triggers in either system, the overhead imposed by other sync systems is eliminated. The sync instances run on a separate web server and use the available APIs in both systems to complete the sync process. For more information about the new Jira integration, contact your Perforce sales rep.