September 25, 2013

New in Swarm: Version Your Reviews

Helix Swarm

In the spirit of our continuing efforts to 'Version Everything', we added an exciting new feature to Swarm that will make code review even easier: versioned reviews.

Introducing the Review Timeline

When you're looking at files in a review, you can now use a nifty slider to view older versions of the change made by the author. This provides the big picture of how the change evolved as a result of the feedback received from Reviewers.

You can also diff between two consecutive versions. The 'Diff Two Versions' button allows the Reviewer to view just the edits the author made between each update. You can view just what changed since the last time you looked at the files, without having to re-review everything else!

How do I add a new version to my review?

If you've initiated a pre-commit review by shelving files, simply re-shelve the updated files and Swarm will automatically add the new version to the Review Timeline for you.

Committed changes are added as a review version when they are submitted with the associated review id (e.g. [review-123]) in the changelist description. Alternatively, you can add the commit in Swarm by using the "Add a Commit..." option in the drop-down menu.

Wowzers! When and how can I get this?

Grab the latest version of Swarm (2013.2) from our downloads page and start taking advantage of versioned reviews today!

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