October 10, 2012

Ode to a Perforce Cleansing Ale

Steph at JavaOne

The JavaOne crawl was done for the day,
Vendors had given all their swag away.
While blocks from there, at a brewery in town -
The real show was just about to go down.

Perforce meetup JavaOne

No it wasn't some former old grunge great
That Ellison hired twenty years too late,
But word spread on twitter, and through The Force
The beer's on us! Meet the greats of Perforce!

Christopher with ale

The guests were aplenty - tons of folks showed -
And the reserved space, it soon overflowed.
Our CEO talked (as they love to do),
And devs loosened up with a pint or two.

Zig at JavaOne meet-up

Git Fusion - of course the talk of the night -
Had just released, we think we got it right.
Zig, the lead dev, told his tall tales and
We laughed! The barkeep was ours to command!

So thanks, you howlers with us at the moon,
We promise to do it again real soon!

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