February 24, 2015

Organizing Scripts as Modular Test Suites

Helix ALM
A good way to organize scripts in QA Wizard Pro is to think of each script as a test case. As you work with each script, determine if common functionality exists between them. For example, if several scripts include a sequence that logs in to your application, you could isolate the login action statements in a separate utility script that each script could call. You could create other utility scripts to perform additional actions, such as logging out of your application, configuring user options, or interacting with custom controls. You can also write scripts to set up and tear down a test configuration to ensure the test environment is the same each time the suite of test cases is run. A setup script might populate a database with usernames and credentials before running the suite. A tear down script might remove those same usernames after the suite has run. Once all your test case scripts are in working order, create a main test suite script to run the entire suite. The following screenshot shows an example test suite script that first calls the setup script, then each of the test case scripts, and finally the tear down script. Modular WorkspaceTip: QA Wizard Pro's Run Main Script functionality allows you to set the main script for the workspace, so at the click of a button the entire suite of test cases will run. To set the test suite script as the main script, right-click it in the Workspace pane and choose Set as Main Script. To run the main script, click Run Main Script on the default toolbar.