January 10, 2011

P4 grep in P4Eclipse


In a previous post I told you about the exciting new feature of Perforce 2010.1, 'p4 grep'.

I am pleased to report that this useful new  command has made it into the new release of the Perforce Eclipse plug-in, now renamed from P4WSAD to P4Eclipse, now available as a new release from the Perforce website.

Search dialogue in Eclipse
P4 Grep - Search Dialogue in Eclipse

Eclipse offers a standard interface for searching things such as files or content that can be implemented by different plug-ins. If you know Eclipse, you are certainly familiar with this feature when searching through a range of files in your workspace or project.

P4Eclipse adds an additional tab to the search dialogue that lets you search through the Perforce depots on the server side. This enables you to investigate previous revisions as well as files outside your current (Perforce) workspace.

Results are listed by file name and (if you enable '-a' for "all revisions") revisions that match:

p4 grep results
P4 grep results

This fabulous new extension to P4Eclipse demonstrates nicely Perforce's ongoing commitment to improve the infrastructure for its users while integrating close with standard tools (here: Eclipse).

The new release is available for Eclipse 3.5 and 3.6. Check out the release notes for other improvements such as the astounding Merge Quest.

Happy hacking.