January 9, 2012

P4Eclipse: Updates to support Eclipse 3.7 and Streams


P4Eclipse is a great plugin for the Eclipse IDE, and it's probably been our most popular IDE integration since it was introduced. It goes well beyond the normal things you expect out of an IDE integration, like the ability to check out and submit files. It provides language-aware features in the diff and time-lapse view tools, for example, and fully supports Eclipse refactoring operations.

Over the past few months our P4Eclipse team has worked on a solid update, the 2011.2 version. This version brings P4Eclipse up to speed for Eclipse 3.7, and includes recertification for the Mylyn task management system.

Perhaps more importantly, P4Eclipse now supports working with streams workspaces. There will be additional streams features added in later releases, but for now you're able to connect an Eclipse project to a streams workspace and use it normally in Eclipse.

There's a lot of news coming on the IDE, integrations, and platform front this year. In 2011 the core server and P4V visual client received big enhancements, and in 2012 you'll see some of that work surface in other parts of the Perforce tool set.