July 19, 2013

P4IdeaX Graduating Class for July 2013


graduating class of july 2013

June and July is graduation season, so it's only appropriate that P4IdeaX have a graduating class as well. Let's see what has made its way to production recently:

  • Better integration between reconcile offline work and P4IGNORE by Mike Delaney
    With the 2013.1 release P4V is using the 'p4 reconcile' command and will abide by any P4IGNORE files when using it.
  • Ctrl+Enter should create new changelist by O.L.P.
    Just released in the past couple weeks, 2013.2 brings P4Win users their favorite way to quickly bring up the submit dialog.
  • Automatic version update for P4V by FSG-Darren
    One of our recent top 10 ideas on P4IdeaX, 2013.2 also brings update notifcations. When patches are available P4V will notify the user. Admins can control this using the properties feature available in the 2013.1 and later servers if they'd rather users not automatically update.
  • Perforce proxies should be chainable by call
    Our forwarding replicas are chainable and filterable as of 2013.1. Proxies can also be chained off of forwarding replicas, although not off of each other.
  • P4Python supporting Python3 by KibbeZero
    The latest version( actually, the last couple versions ) of P4Python support Python 3. We use it heavily in our Git Fusion product.
  • Easier way to exclude files by nico
    2012.1 introduced P4IGNORE to make it much easier to tell Perforce what files it should, well, ignore.
  • Support for longer passwords by Gaige
    As long as everyone involved is version 2011.1 or higher, passwords can be up to 1024 bytes.
  • P4 revert all my currently checked out client files by Br.Bill
    More people than you might think aren't aware that '...' acts recursively with most Perforce commands. A quick 'p4 revert ...' will send all of your unique changes packing.

Thank you everyone for the votes, the comments, and most importantly the ideas. Your feedback on P4IdeaX is regularly reviewed and fed into the feature selection process, and it does make a difference. I can guarantee a couple more items from that top 10 list are coming in the next few months. So, let us know what matters to you and vote!