December 14, 2011

Perforce and Eclipse: The Best of Both Worlds


There are many joys that come with being in the software industry. When you've been in it for a little while it's easy to forget that not every profession enjoys the same sort of perks we have. Obviously, these perks differ from company to company. One of the things I love about working for Perforce is the investment it makes in me by allowing me to attend trainings and conferences. In turn, I hope to be a better employee by applying some of the things I've learned in my everyday work.

Most recently, I attended Eclipse Day at Google. It was a fun packed day of great sessions on what people are doing with Eclipse. The first talk I attended was about building the Google plug-in. An interesting "take away" from that was the confirmation to "blend in naturally." It's important to not take over the IDE, but to "plug-in" in a natural and Eclipse way. As the P4Eclipse QA Engineer, I try to keep this in mind as I test out new features and the designs of them.

Another highlight was Ketan Padegaonkar's talk on SWTBot. I was especially interested in this session because we started using this automation framework a year and a half ago and was eager to gain any insights. At one point, someone from the audience asked if the project will ever come out of incubation. Without hesitation, Ketan responds "No." He then later explains that this project was done on top of a 60 hour work week. As a QA Engineer, this really struck a chord with me. It's so awesome to know that there are folks in the open source community that care about making tools for testing.

These are just a couple of the excellent sessions I attended. As I continue to work for Perforce, I am thankful for the "double perk" I receive as the P4Eclipse QA Engineer. I have the privilege of being employed by a company that doesn't think it's wasteful to send a tester to a developer's conference and the opportunity to work with a community that cares about us.