May 31, 2011

Perforce Battle School


Today I played a small part in Perforce's Battle School pre-conference training. I spoke for about an hour on deployment planning, reviewing the goals, tools, and procedures involved. There are a lot of new tools available to support a big or distributed user base now, ranging from the tried-and-true proxy to the broker and replica servers. In the course of an hour its tough to provide a lot of detail, but there are a lot of great sessions at the conference on these topics. If you can't make the conference in person, it'd be worthwhile reading the conference proceedings and watching the videos later on.

The Battle School also featured several workshops on how to investigate problems you might encounter while running a Perforce server. The Perforce server is very stable, so most administrators don't get a chance to exercise their troubleshooting skills very often. These workshops are great practice, so let us know if you'd like to see similar training options in the future.

The conference is a great chance for me to catch up with the rest of the consulting team. We're not all in the same city very often, and I really enjoy talking with the rest of the crew. The accumulated experience on this team is amazing. If you have any sort of question about Perforce or version control in general, track down a friendly consultant at the conference. You'll get a good answer - and probably more information than you need!