August 14, 2009

Pulling data from workflow events

Helix ALM
This feature I'm about to show you is so top-secret it doesn't even appear in the release notes for TestTrack 2010. We added the ability to update text fields via field codes, as part of an automation trigger. This is a small change, with limited functionality for now, but something that the Services team was very excited to see included in the 2010 release. The setup is fairly straightforward, just create a trigger and add a Modify action. What's new is the ability to use a field code as the update value for a field, as shown below. In this example, I'm putting the Component field's value into the Reference field (currently you can only copy data to single-line text fields of type String). Trigger's Modify Action


Where it gets interesting is passing values from workflow events to the Defect itself. Let's say you need to capture a critical piece of information at a certain stage of the workflow and access that information throughout the rest of the lifecycle. Rather than having it buried on the Workflow tab, you could transfer the data to a read-only custom field on the Defect and make it much easier for users to quickly access the information. Another scenario we see fairly often is having multiple paths through a workflow. This new functionality would let you populate one shared field on the Defect no matter which of the paths were taken. Multiple workflow events can update the same text field on the Defect. Users would have just one place to find that data, without needing to know how/where/who it was populated by.