March 19, 2010

QA Wizard Pro 2010.1 Beta Now Available

Helix ALM
We’re very excited to release QA Wizard Pro 2010.1 to beta today! The beta is open to anyone, so feel free to click through and try it out. If you do try it out, please leave feedback so that we can continue to improve our product offerings. What’s New? Following are some of the highlights of this release. For the full details, visit the beta site linked to above. In QA Wizard Pro, we’ve added support for 64-bit Windows applications across Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server. We've also added support for WPF controls, as well as ribbon and toolbar controls across several technologies. Finally, you can also directly access .Net methods and properties on the controls in your applications. Of course, there is the usual number of minor enhancements and bug fixes. So grab a copy, install it in a non-production environment, and let us know how it works for you.