December 9, 2010

QA Wizard Pro 2011 Wins Jolt Productivity Award

Helix ALM
Dr. Dobbs announced QA Wizard Pro 2011 won a Jolt Productivity Award in the Testing and Debugging category. For those of you new to Seapine, QA Wizard Pro is our automated functional testing and web load testing solution. Here is what Dr. Dobbs had to say about QA Wizard Pro 2011:
“Seapine Software’s QA Wizard Pro 2011 shines as a Jolt Productivity Award winner with features to make even the most experienced testing teams reach new levels of productivity. Web testing often presents challenges not found in other types of testing. QA Wizard Pro not only gives testers features, but also options. Scripting is open to third party tools, so teams can continue to leverage existing editors. Multi-language testing is also included as Unicode is supported. Errors encountered during testing typically bring the testing effort to a halt — not so with this product. Continuous playback lets you essentially create “try-catch” blocks to handle errors — a familiar programming construct for developers. Comments can be added at test execution time and helps remove the guess-work from interpreting test results. Validation is not limited to pixels and named components. Using QA Wizard’s powerful OCR feature, one can validate data from graphs, charts, and even Flash data, among others. QA Wizard Pro is designed to integrate with Seapine’s suite of testing tools providing additional value not found in many standalone testing tools.”
Thank you Dr. Dobbs and congratulations to everyone at Seapine involved with making QA Wizard Pro an award-winning product!