June 16, 2010

QA Wizard Pro Lunch and Learn Webinar Recording: Improving Playback Verification with Checkpoints

Helix ALM
Thanks to everyone who joined us last week for the first session in our QA Wizard Pro Lunch and Learn series. The recording is now available if you missed the training session or want to watch it again. Q&A from the session is below.


1. Which do you recommend? Creating custom checkpoints or using QA Wizard Pro’s default checkpoints? It depends on the level of control you need if the checkpoint fails. The default checkpoints generally result in scripts that are easy to read and maintain. Custom checkpoints let you clean up after an error or create a defect but can make your scripts more complicated. 2. Does a checkpoint stop the script regardless of whether it is set to True(Error) or False(Warning)? No. Setting a checkpoint to True(Error) stops the script immediately if it fails. Setting it to False(Warning) does not. 3. How can AddDefect be used with checkpoints to automatically create Test Track Pro defects based on a checkpoint failure? The AddDefect statement cannot directly be used with checkpoints. If you want to call AddDefect from your scripts, you’ll need to set up your own checkpoint mechanism using something like if/then statements. However, if you run a script either as part of a batch or from the command line, you can set a flag to tell QA Wizard Pro to automatically create a defect if a checkpoint fails. 4. Can you capture a checkpoint result and use that to drive "if..." or "for..." statements? The success/failure of a checkpoint statement is not currently returned. 5. Can we use a checkpoint in a table cell? You can definitely use checkpoints in table cells. For example, if you have a cell where users enter a phone number and the application then reformats it to look nicer, you might have the following: Window("WysiCorp CRM").Grid("accountsDataGridView").Cell(numRows, 3).EditBox().SetText("5137541655") ‘Type in a “raw” phone number Window("WysiCorp CRM").Grid("accountsDataGridView").Cell(numRows, 3).EditBox().Checkpoint("Text", "(513) 754-1655", True, "Phone number not properly formatted") 6. Can a variable be used in the Image checkpoint "ExpectedImagePath"? Variables (including repository variables) can be used as the image path for an image checkpoint.