July 23, 2010

QA Wizard Pro Lunch and Learn Webinar Recording: Introducing Load Testing

Helix ALM
Thanks to everyone who joined us last week for the QA Wizard Pro Lunch and Learn event. Jeff Amfahr, director of product management, demonstrated the new load testing capabilities in QA Wizard Pro 2010.2. If you're interested in trying out the load testing features, or QA Wizard Pro in general, please join the QA Wizard Pro Beta program today!


The Lunch and Learn recording is now available if you missed the training session or want to watch it again. It's a great resource to help you get started faster with the beta. Following is the Q&A from the load testing webinar.


1. For load testing, we want the script to replay pretty quickly. We have some controls that JavaScript runs in the background and fills in other controls with the same data. We have to put a delay in QA Wizard Pro to wait. Is there a way to make this process quicker? Because load testing scripts don’t actually create a browser, none of the JavaScript is run so this should not be an issue. 2. When you say "file" are you referring to a flat-file? If so, can we then use this file as input data into a datasheet? WebPostFile does take a normal on-disk file. When using a datasheet with a load test, you can have one of the columns specify which file to use as the source of WebPostFile. That way, your load script can upload a set of different files instead of the same one over and over again. 3. What is the maximum limit of virtual users that QA Wizard Pro load testing can support? Although there is no built-in limit on the maximum number of users, the operating system does limit the number of connections we can create on any one computer. We are still establishing these limits, but at this point believe it will be 250 virtual users per computer. So, to create a load test with 500 users you will need two computers. 4. Will QA Wizard Pro load test scripts be able to report correlated, server-side performance stats associated during the testing (e.g., database, operating system, application server, web server)? QA Wizard Pro does not install any server-side software, and does not collect any server-side data. However, the detailed data (including time offsets) is available. If you collect any server information using other tools that data could be correlated. 5. What is the benefit of QA Wizard Pro vs. JMeter? JMeter is a similar product to QA Wizard Pro but it is focused exclusively on load testing. QA Wizard Pro allows you to perform both functional and load testing in one consistent environment. 6. Is there a way to capture the result of a checkpoint into a variable? For example, putting a checkpoint if a specific field is on the screen. So if the screen is blank and the field is not there we can execute a specific procedure? There is currently no way to get the result of a checkpoint. For a look at alternatives, see the checkpoints lunch and learn. 7. How much does it cost for a 50 block of users? Please contact your account representative for details on pricing.