March 4, 2016

Scania at MERGE 2016: A DevOps Journey in an Automotive Enterprise

MERGE User Conference

DevOps is a software development methodology that emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration and automation: no small feat for an enterprise company. Reducing lead times at large companies with a traditional setup of working in Developer and Operation silos is hard. Moving toward Continuous Deployment for feature teams challenges not only technical but also most cultural aspects within a company.

Agile development has been around for developers for over a decade and now it’s time for operations people to catch up. While the DevOps movement at Scania is in its early stages, the Development and Operations teams have been working in close collaboration from the very beginning.

Join me at MERGE 2016 to hear how best to proceed with implementing a DevOps culture within a large globally dispersed IT department such as Scania’s.