October 1, 2015

Seapine Software Helps CACI Power the Irish Census

Helix ALM
After being awarded the 2016 Irish Census processing contract, CACI needed a solution to help organize and administer the various aspects of the process, managing everything from requirements management to QA cycles to deployment in a single, well-organized, and accessible system. They would be responsible for the design and printing of over 2.8 million survey forms; creating the infrastructure on which the census process runs; and delivering a software solution that reads, captures, and codes the handwritten answers. The CACI Irish Census team implemented Seapine’s TestTrack—a solution that had provided excellent issue management for other CACI project teams over the past decade—as its application lifecycle management solution from day one. “TestTrack supported all the things we needed it to—from planning and workflow to security and transparency—in a centralized application lifecycle management structure," said Colin Toms, CACI Project Manager. In preparation for the 2016 Census project, CACI spent time configuring TestTrack to fully support the entire lifecycle of the project, as well as investing in a truly integrated process by having developers, testers, business analysts, and the end client all using TestTrack. Read the customer story to learn more.