March 17, 2008

Seapine Software User Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook

Trade shows and conferences can be effective vehicles for software vendors to both connect with and listen to customers.  In fact, if you attended the 2008 Game Developers Conference or SD West I hope you visited our booth and gave us the opportunity to meet you.  As we look to the future, our goal is to provide even more opportunities and channels to both listen to and connect with you - our valued software user community.  We'd also like to provide an easy way for you to network with more than just the handful of Seapine employees who attend conferences. So, in the spirit of both connecting and networking, we invite you to join the new Seapine Software User Group on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. This action represents our initial move to both leverage the emerging power of social networks, and the beginning phase of building a formal Seapine Software User Group. Our user group efforts will start with these social networks, and gradually connect to a formal Seapine Software User Group site that we will host. In the longer term we will also organize traditional face-to-face user group meetings - starting off with regional road shows. You may have a few questions. For example *** 1. Do I have to join LinkedIn and/or Facebook to be part of this new communications network? 2. If I do join will I get spam? 3. How does this impact the Seapine "User Forums" and support processes on The short answers *** 1. Yes. You do need a LinkedIn profile and/or Facebook profile to join a group that is associated with a social networking site. 2. No, spam has not been an issue. 3. No changes concerning customer service and support.  The purpose of these groups is not to work around the Seapine customer service processes or procedures. If you need technical support you should continue the established process which is to email your issue to or call the support phone number for your region. Like many of you we're still learning a few things about social networks - like how to use them for the best possible customer experience.  With that in mind let me share our social networking group charter: A LinkedIn / Facebook group for the Seapine Software User Group community. The purpose of the Seapine Software User Group is to open and expand conversation among Seapine's associates and our colleagues using Seapine's application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions. Opportunities to learn about and share resources related to Seapine applications as well as ALM in general will provide additional professional development benefits. Following are the links to join LinkedIn and Facebook: LinkedIn: Facebook: These groups are by invitation only.  So, if you decide to join simply click the link and provide your name, company, and the Seapine applications you are using so that we can verify your Seapine customer status. I hope to see you in the groups.  If you have questions feel free to send me an email (