November 6, 2008

SharePoint Defect Dashboard

Helix ALM

Works with TestTrack 7.6 & later

Works with SharePoint 2007

This article outlines the steps to add a TTP dashboard web part to your SharePoint site.
This integration requires that you install the module into your SharePoint instance, please be careful!You'll need:
  • Your TestTrack Web server to be accessible from the SharePoint deployment.
  • The path to your TestTrack Web server installation. If you're familiar with how web servers work and your IT environment, you can probably guess this. If not, ask the TestTrack administrator or IT staff for help.
  • Necessary permissions & knowledge to install a SharePoint Web Part.
You'll get:
  • A Defect dahsboard web part that can be added to any SharePoint page.


The download contains the source files needed for this sample integration. Download the TestTrackProDashboard web part zip file.
  • - cab file used in deploying the web part to SharePoint.


The first order of business is to deploy the web part assembly to your SharePoint installation. If you're not an IT expert, find one who is and ask them to do this for you.
stsadm.exe -o addwppack -force -filename ?
The call above deploys the assembly to the bin directory and adds a SafeControl entry to the SharePoint's web.config file. Now that the web part has been deployed, you need to add it to the global web part gallery. Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings and select Web Parts under the Galleries heading. Click New, find the web part named SeapineWebParts.TestTrackProDashboard. Check the box, then select Populate Gallery. To verify that everything is correct, click on the web part in the gallery list to make sure no errors pop up.

Configure Web Part

You can add the new web part like any other, then select Modify Shared Web Part The bottom menu is call TTP Connection
  • URL - Address of the ttsoapcgi.exe installed on web server that hosts TTP (typically).
  • User/Password - connection parameters.
  • Project - Name of the project you want to pull defects from.
  • Filter - (optional) Name of a filter to limit the defects returned.

Try It

Setup the connection
Keep tabs on your team with this new dashboard!

Tech Notes


This web part uses a charting library called ZedGraph, released under the LGPL. The assemblies in the zip download here have one minor code change from the v5.1.4 release of ZedGraph; AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers is turned on. ZedGraph is by no means a commercial-quality library in terms of display output, but it's fairly robust when compared to other non-proprietary libraries out there.


Because this is a sample, all of the data aggregation is done with calls to the TTP SOAP SDK. This ensures that anyone can install the sample and try it out, with minimal requirement that they install the SDK. In the real-world, we would run against a RDBMS which would be much faster and much more flexible in what data can be presented. Note: These instructions are provided as is; Seapine does not provide support for samples.