March 27, 2013

Simplifying Git Fusion Key Management with Commons

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Git at Scale

Are you rolling out Git Fusion to a large number of users? If so you will probably find that administering the SSH keys is one of the bigger challenges. In a perfect world users would be able to easily add and delete their public keys themselves, but it takes a bit of work to get them into the server as users need to map a portion of the Git Fusion depot in a client spec and then add the file. Thankfully our new product Commons makes it easy to give read/write access to any part of your server through the browser, making key management a cinch.

In Commons create a new space called “Git Fusion Keys”. Go to the properties section of the space and expand the “Advanced Properties” triangle. Press the “Include New from Depot” button.

Commons depot mapping dialog

In the resulting dialog expand the “.git-fusion” depot and select the “users” folder. Press “Save” and you’re done! Users can now visit that space, create a folder, and drop their public keys into it all from Commons.

A Commons space show user folder for Git Fusion keys

It’s important to note that while Commons makes it easy to access any part of your server, user access is still controlled by the Perforce protect table. You'll need to make sure your users have access to add their keys.