October 13, 2015

Softing Standardizes on Development Versatility with Seapine Software’s TestTrack

Helix ALM

Influential German engineering company unites Agile and Waterfall development, across multiple locations and divisions

Can a large, well-established company with multiple product lines and locations find a single ALM solution that meets the needs of both Agile and Waterfall development processes? You bet. They use Seapine’s TestTrack. For more than 30 years, Softing AG has been a leading global supplier of advanced industrial automation communication and control technology products, and automotive on-and off-board communication electronics. Softing was also instrumental in establishing the current global standards for Industrial Automation and Automotive Electronics. In 2011, Softing’s Industrial Automation division decided to move from a Waterfall development process to Scrum. The change would help modernize and add flexibility to their development process. However, Softing’s Automotive Electronics division had entirely different development needs, having to meet more stringent SPICE compliance requirements. The Automotive division’s process had to be traceable, with a much more complex workflow than that of the Industrial division. “When the Industrial Automation division decided to switch to a Scrum process, we had a look at several tools, including TestTrack,” said Thomas Rummel, head of R&D for Softing’s Industrial Automation division. Even though they had used TestTrack for years, there hadn’t been the opportunity to consider using it beyond defect tracking. When the opportunity came to use it more extensively, Rummel was pleasantly surprised by its capabilities and versatility. Michael Drescher, head of R&D for Softing’s Automotive Electronics division, explained, “It’s different in the Automotive department because our customers expect us to comply with SPICE. We were able to configure a very complex workflow in TestTrack to cover all the SPICE requirements. Also, the flexible license management system has lots of benefits for us—we’re working in multiple locations in Romania and Germany, but now everyone has the same tool in place and can work from a common database.” After re-evaluating TestTrack, Softing saw that with one tool enabling agility and traceability, they could meet the development needs of both divisions. Softing decided to stay with TestTrack, but expanded their use to include the full suite, including requirements management and test case management. Read the customer story to learn more.