December 14, 2007

SoloSubmit/SoloBug Trigger

Helix ALM

Works with TestTrack 2008

Will not work with TestTrack 7.6 and earlier

The trigger promotes the local customer that is created by SoloSubmit orSoloBug to a global customer and generates a username and password for the customer. The trigger then emails the customer with a short note and their TestTrack username and password. This trigger should be set up to run when a defect is added. See 'Configuring Triggers' in the TestTrack Client User Guide for more information about setting up triggers. If a local customer does not exist because either a global customer already existed or a user already existed, the trigger does not send an email message, but instead relies on TestTrack to notify the customer. Make sure the 'Email acknowledgement to the submitter' option is enabled in SoloSubmit and SoloBug project options. (Project Options > SoloSubmit or Project Options > SoloBug.) This trigger should be customized. Look for the 'TODO' comments in the code and enter the requested information. This includes the email message sent to the customer, the function for generating the customer's username, and the SOAP and mail server. Download the .zip file that contains the trigger. Note: Seapine does not provide support for sample triggers.