March 21, 2014

Sparse Branching: Create Individualized Branches with Surround SCM 2014

Surround SCM
[caption id="attachment_13964" align="alignright" width="300"]Sparse Branch small Creating a sparse branch (Click image to enlarge)[/caption] Sparse branching is a new feature in Surround SCM 2014 that allows you to create branches from unrelated sets of repositories, folders, and files. Instead of having everything in a repository tree, you can choose just the elements you need to access. For example, let’s say you want to work with the user interface and database files for release 2.2. Previously, you’d have to select the root repository that contains these repositories along with others (like server code and design documents), and then scroll through the branch to find the UI and database folders you wanted. In addition to being harder to work with, whenever you try and rebase down into your 2.2 branch, you’ll be informed of updates to those unneeded files. In Surround SCM 2014, you can mark just those repositories to create a sparse branch. Surround will then remember that branch pattern and only show you those items. Sparse branching is useful for companies and development teams that have large or complex repository structures. Don’t want to see all 100,000 files scattered around 1,000 repositories associated with every project at your company? Just select the ones you need and create a sparse branch. Any kind of branch can be a sparse branch, too, including baseline, workspace, and snapshot branches. Many Surround SCM users have requested sparse branching, so we’re happy to be able to bring it to you in the 2014 release. Watch this short video for an overview of sparse branching: For more information about sparse branching, check out the following help file links: