November 29, 2009

Surround SCM API and Plugin Samples

Surround SCM
We recently released a Surround SCM 2010. This release has many exciting new features and enhancements. Two that are very exciting for me are the addition of an API and the ability to customize menus in the client to launch third-party applications. The ability to launch third-party tools (or your own) from the Surround SCM client menus means that now there is a plugin architecture. This opens the door for custom integrations with other tools and as well as our own. I got a hold of the 2010 release early in the development process, so I've had some time to write a few samples that combine the use of the API and the custom Surround SCM menus. Take a minute to browse the Surround SCM API samples and Surround SCM Plugin samples. Most of what is there right now are plugin samples that use the Surround SCM API. The source code is provided for all of them, so feel free to adjust and customize to meet your specific needs. If not, remember that we can also write something for you. If you have any ideas for samples, please leave a comment.