September 14, 2011

Surround SCM: A New User How-To Guide

Surround SCM
Surround SCM is a full-featured configuration management solution that controls access to files and tracks changes over time. The videos and links below are provided to help new users learn more and get started with Surround SCM.

Installation and Auto Upgrade for Surround SCM

Surround SCM can easily be installed in a few simple steps. This video walks you through the various settings and components required to run Surround SCM.


Surround SCM's branching gives you complete control over how to manage change process and releases, and track configurations. With mainline, baseline, workspace, and snapshot branches, Surround SCM makes it easy to manage simple or complex projects. Branch differences allow you to compare repositories and files side-by-side.

List Windows

List Windows in Surround SCM display your branch tree, repository tree, and source files. This is your primary working space within the Surround SCM client, where you can retrieve files, commit code, and manage project branches from a single interface.

Filename Searching

If you're looking for one file in a branch, filename searching in the Source Tree view helps you quickly search for files by name. As you type in the Filename Search field, the list of matching files change in real time, and returns a list of matching files.

Interested in Learning More?

For additional information, be sure to check out our Surround SCM's Resource Center to learn more about how to best use Surround SCM.