June 21, 2011

TestTrack Pro Scrum Sample Project

Helix ALM

Beginning with TestTrack 2012, this project is included in the client/server installer.

A few months ago we published a Sample Scrum Project that uses the entire TestTrack suite. Unfortunately, if you don't have licenses for all three TestTrack products, you weren't able to use the project. I decided to create another version of the sample project that only uses TestTrack Pro features. If you only have a TestTrack Pro license, download the TestTrack Pro Scrum Sample Project instead. The approach to this project is basically the same. The Folders window is still where you manage your backlog and sprints. [caption id="attachment_8778" align="aligncenter" width="609" caption="TestTrack Folders Window"]TestTrack Folders Window[/caption] The Defect object has been re-purposed to manage user stories, epics, and tasks. Most of the fields and tabs have been hidden to provide a simple interface. [caption id="attachment_8780" align="aligncenter" width="465" caption="Item Window"]Item Window[/caption] The workflow, along with automation rules, is used to route items to different branches in the workflow based on the type of the item. This allows each item to have a different workflow. The download includes a user guide to help you explore the sample project.