August 16, 2011

TestTrack Reporting with Eclipse BIRT

Helix ALM
BIRT is an Eclipse-based open source reporting system for web applications, especially those based on Java and Java EE. BIRT has two main components: a report designer based on Eclipse and a runtime component that you can add to your application server. BIRT also has a charting engine that lets you add charts to your own application. BIRT offers you an free solution to create additional reporting outside of TestTrack. It's also very easy to learn so you can be up and running with your first report in a number of minutes. Following is a basic example of creating a report with BIRT. 1. After you download and install BIRT, create a new Report Project in Eclipse. 2. Create a new report. 3. Set up the connection to the TestTrack database you want to report against. In this example, I connected to a Microsoft SQL Server. You'll need to download the Microsoft JDBC Driver to connect to your SQL server. 4. Create a data set. Remember, you can add multiple data sets that can be used for different charts or tables in your report. To create a data set, click the data tab in the Report designer. Then, build a SQL query to select the data you want to use for the report. We have a few SQL examples to get you started, take a look at this blog post with a number of examples. 5. Optionally, add a chart to the report. In this example, I created a chart that points to my newly created data set. 6. You're now ready to preview your report.