June 25, 2009

TestTrack RM beta (aka TestTrack 2010 beta)

Helix ALM
Today is an exciting day at Seapine. TestTrack 2010 is entering public beta, and with it TestTrack RM. The TestTrack 2010 product family includes TestTrack Pro for issue management, TestTrack TCM for test case management, and TestTrack RM for requirements management. For cradle-to-grave traceability, you'll find the TestTrack product family is a unique and complete solution. So what can you do with TestTrack RM? Here are some of the key features: Requirements Management
  • Whether you use functional requirements, technical specifications, or user stories, you can configure requirement types to match your methodology.
  • Ensure the information you need to properly define, evaluate, and prioritize your requirements is captured with custom fields.
  • Organize requirements by release, by functional area, by project, by team. You get to decide.
  • Reuse requirements by sharing them between requirement documents.
  • Get started quickly with the ability to import existing requirement documents from Microsoft Word. You can also export to Microsoft Word to share requirements with users who will not or should not log in.
  • View traceability information, status information, project volatility, and more with built-in reports.
Change Control
  • Stay on the same page about where the official requirement document is located and control which version is the source of truth.
  • Know who changed what requirement and when.
  • Lock requirements to prevent unauthorized changes.
  • See exactly what changed between document baselines with powerful requirement document snapshots.
  • Use the traceability matrix to easily perform coverage analysis.
  • Determine the impact of a change before you make it.
  • Understand which requirements, tests, and issues need to change once a scope change occurs.
  • Integrate with TestTrack Pro and TestTrack TCM for full traceability from requirements through testing.
  • Generate test cases from requirements. (Requires TestTrack TCM.)
Configurable Workflow
  • Automate your requirement authoring, approval, and review processes.
  • Always know the status of your requirements - draft, ready for review,  approved, implemented, etc.
  • Configure the workflow to fit your needs - no scripting or developers needed.
  • Avoid working on stale test cases or developing against outdated technical specifications with suspect dependencies.
  • Divide up the work. Your team can all work on the same requirement document at the same time, regardless of location.
  • Track email conversations directly with a requirement.
  • Use automation rules to trigger email notifications when requirements change or a specific period of time has passed.
TestTrack RM also includes all of the powerful usability and productivity features of the TestTrack product family, such as column filtering, full-text search, tabbed views, extensive security settings, and more. If you're already using TestTrack Pro or TestTrack TCM, you'll want to check out these new features too:
  • Create links by dragging items within and between list windows.
  • Create link definitions that require a link comment, limit the number of items allowed in a link, and restrict parents or children to specific types.
  • Edit multi-line text fields with a built-in WYSIWYG editor.
  • Insert inline images in multi-line text fields.
  • Edit screen captures before attaching them to an item.
  • Execute triggers when an event is entered, items are added to or removed from links, or tracked email is received.
  • Create triggers that use http or ttstudio hyperlinks passed in environment variables.
  • Create notifications that email users selected in a custom field.
  • Create triggers that auto assign items to users selected in a custom field.
Visit http://labs.seapine.com/tt2010/ to sign up for the beta.