June 6, 2012

TestTrack RM Reviewer - Requirement Reviews Made Easier (and Save 33% in June)

Helix ALM
If you're looking for a way to simplify the process of reviewing and commenting on requirements for project sponsors and stakeholders, check out the new TestTrack RM Reviewer web client. http://youtu.be/_jJO7BWWZp0 TestTrack RM Reviewer gives users the ability to quickly comment on and approve requirements, and then return to their regular work. To go along with the new web client, we've also released a new TestTrack RM Reviewer license. Users whose only interaction with TestTrack is to review, comment on, or approve requirements are a perfect fit for these licenses. They're significantly less expensive than TestTrack licenses, with the added advantage of restricting users to only TestTrack RM Reviewer which makes setup easier. You don't have to worry about restricting users from viewing issues or test cases, so security is essentially built-in. Bonus—we're offering 33% off of reviewer licenses through the end of June!Contact your sales rep to learn more and take advantage of this limited-time pricing.