July 8, 2016

TestTrack Superpower #11: Time Tracking

Helix ALM
Sense Danger with Time TrackingThe evil ninja known as Scope Creep can infiltrate your project and sabotage your progress before you realize it. TestTrack’s time tracking features give you a “danger sense” that can tell you when your team is falling behind, or if Scope Creep is threatening your project. TestTrack’s built-in time tracking features make it easy to manage estimates and story points, get updates on actual and remaining effort, and gain insight from the data about project status. You can track and report on time remaining or spent on specific items or across all items in a project—all directly in TestTrack.

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Learn more about time tracking and other superpowers in TestTrack: Champion of Quality! Over the past 20 years, Seapine has grown into a multi-product company and globally recognized leader in ALM tools. TestTrack has grown, too, from a simple bug tracking tool to a powerful suite of tools that encompass the entire development process. TestTrack: Champion of Quality shines a spotlight (or Bat Signal, if you will) on 20 powerful features you may not be aware of, even if you’re a longtime user. Inside this ebook, you'll learn how TestTrack's superpowers can help you:
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  • Shine a spotlight on critical data
  • Stand vigilant over change
  • Defeat the Auditor, Scope Creep, and other villains seeking to steal your product quality
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