November 29, 2012

Three Reasons You’ll Want to Check Out TestTrack Matrix Reports

Helix ALM
TestTrack 2013 introduces matrix reports, which is a new report type that is available regardless of the type of TestTrack license you have. Matrix reports make it easy to analyze linked and related items. These reports can help you perform coverage analysis to ensure adequate testing against a project's requirements, impact analysis to see what items may be impacted if you make a change, and other types of analysis. If you haven’t checked them out yet, here’s some of what you’re missing.
  1. They can show you, in one report, information about all of the items you’re tracking in TestTrack. If you are linking items—whether it’s multiple, related defects or requirements with associated test cases and test results—you can now see all of that data in one report.
  2. If you’ve ever wanted to tweak the detail or list reports to change the formatting, control what fields are displayed or use your corporate logo in the header, you can now create your own reports without needing to know how to customize the report stylesheets using XSLT.
  3. They make it very easy for you to leverage your filters, folders, test run sets, links, and document relationships to control the data in reports.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="490"]TestTrack Matrix Report Creating a new matrix report, with sample displayed in the background[/caption] If traceability and compliance are important to you, you’ll definitely want to check out the matrix report. While there are traceability reports in TestTrack, they make assumptions about the data you want to see. The new matrix report gives you a much greater level of control over the data included in the report and how it’s displayed. To learn more, check out the Creating matrix reports section in the TestTrack User Guide. The sample project installed with TestTrack 2013 also includes a matrix report, which is a great starting point for seeing everything you can configure. If you're already using the report, and have tips to share with other users, please share in the comments.