May 21, 2015

Time to Get Lazy


With the recent 2015.1 release of the Perforce Helix Visual Studio (P4VS) plugin, we are very excited to introduce Lazy Load of file states. We call this “Lazy Load” because when this feature is on, file states will not be loaded until you are ready to load them from the server. This is a huge win from a performance point of view, especially if you have a lot of files or work remotely. It’s less work on your system resources, allowing the plugin to perform much faster. 

A lot of our customers who’ve turned this feature on have reported great joy and happiness, as well as a renewed love of our plugin. We hope you will give it a try and let us know what you think.

This feature is not on by default; you need to go into your P4VS preferences and turn it on (as pictured below).

Other options to try for optimizing P4VS performance are:

  • Treat Solutions/Projects as directories when selected
  • Preload file state.

This is what you’ll see after first loading the solution (all files Lazy Loaded):

This is what you’ll see after checking out one file and refreshing the status of another:

With its 2015.1 release, P4VS supports Visual Studio 2105 (currently available in preview) and can be found in the VS Gallery: VS2010, VS2012+, or from the Perforce Downloads page. Happy coding!