March 5, 2013

Tips & Tricks: Named Connections in P4V


Find yourself juggling a lot of Perforce connections in P4V? It's not uncommon for companies to silo unrelated code in multiple Perforce servers for simplified security and to minimize IP visibility, but this can mean developers who cross the boundaries have to bounce between a number of different Perforce servers to do their job. To make this workflow a bit easier, P4V supports "Favorite Connections" which can have more descriptive names than just a port, user, and client slammed together. Let me show you how to set this up.

First go to the “Connection” menu and select “Favorite Connections”.

P4V's favorite connection menu

From the drop off menu select “Add Favorite Connection...” and enter your port, user, and client in the resulting dialog. You can give the connection a more friendly name and associate a hotkey with the connection as well.

P4V's favorite connection dialog

Press “OK” to save the connection. Now if you go to the open connection dialog you will see your newly added favorite connection listed.

P4V connection dialog showing a favorite connection

Happy coding!