March 14, 2016

Top 8 Reasons to Come to MERGE 2016

MERGE User Conference

There are LOTS of great reasons to attend MERGE 2016, the Perforce Conference. In addition to the 8 we've listed below, we're offering a FLASH SALE. Sign-up by Friday, March 18 and you'll save $200 off the registration fee. Use promo code: stpaddy 

Eight reasons to come to MERGE 2016.

1. Connect with Peers

Version control freaks unite! 

2. Meet Experts

Hear from the godfather of DevOps, Gene Kim, plus experts from Nvidia, VMware, Intel, EA, Tableau and more.

3. Learn the latest about industry trends

Git in the Enterprise, DevOps, the rise of the monorepo...the world is changing fast. Got challenges? You'll get answers.

4. Pick the Server Team's Brains

Go as far down into the weeds as you dare with the Perforce engineers who work on our Helix Versioning Engine. Yes, they will go there.

5. Hone Your Skills

Sign up for pre-conference training and up-level your game.

6. Get Awesome Swag

We're not modest. We have the best swag, hands down.

7. Eat, Drink and Be Merry

MERGE is about celebrating YOU! Party at the Big Bash like it's 2016.

8. Emerge with Greatness

MERGE is more than the sum of it's parts. You will leave MERGE inspired to do even more amazing things.