April 1, 2016

Tower at MERGE 2016: Git Survival Tips—How to Undo and Recover from Your Mistakes

Git at Scale
MERGE User Conference

Mistakes are ever-present in a programmer’s life. No matter how experienced we are, we’ll never be immune from making mistakes. Since we can’t avoid them, we’re best off when we prepare for when they do happen. Using a version control system such as Git is one of the best preparations you can make.

During my talk, I’ll try to get myself into as much trouble as possible. I’ll break things, produce bad code and generally aim to ruin my day. Although this sounds like a very sad presentation, I promise the end won’t be so gloomy. We’ll undo, recover, revert, reset and fix everything we break! We’ll learn how Git can help us deal with mistakes by restoring older versions of a project, by undoing committed and uncommitted code, or by helping us hunt bugs in the first place.

My goal is to make you a more courageous and self-confident programmer. To make problems and mistakes sweat when they see you—not the other way around. See you at MERGE 2016!