August 3, 2011

Try Before You Buy


A core tenet of Perforce philosophy is to make it painless for users to gain access to our software. We don't require registration or gate access to our downloads and the product works out of the box. As a long standing policy, the Perforce Server can be used at no cost without a license for up to 2 users and 5 workspaces. The policy has been in place for so long that it is pretty widely known and has often satisfied the "Try before you buy" goal.

What is not well known is that there's now a second option for free, unlicensed use of Perforce. In this second option, the free unlicensed server can be used with unlimited users and workspaces, but is restricted to managing 1,000 files (where a managed file is classified as a non-deleted and non-lazy-copied head revision.) We hope that this additional option makes it even easier for individuals and small teams to take Perforce for a spin.

Recently at a trade show, someone was lamenting about the limits of the of the free unlicensed server. Specifically, he needed six users but was on a limited budget. He expected that he could be on our low-cost subscription licensing in about 6 months, but wanted to use Perforce now. I explained to him the option of unlimited users with the 1,000 file threshold, and that fit his short-term needs perfectly.