August 6, 2012

Upcoming Perforce/TACTIC Integration


david loweThis is a guest post by David Lowe, the President and COO of Southpaw Technology.

Southpaw Technology (, creator of TACTIC software, is excited to announce that we are currently in development of a TACTIC/Perforce integration. This integration provides artists a simple and easy to use interface for check-in of game ready assets while still allowing technical users to continue using the Perforce interfaces.

With this integration TACTIC can be configured to allow check-in of files to a standard file-system and, when necessary, check-in to the Perforce repository. This integration works seamlessly with a Perforce repository, using the Perforce interface to obtain asset information and check-in assets. Now that we are further along with this development effort, it is time to bring some real users in to try this out and let us know how well it works in real production facilities. We are working with Perforce to make this accessible and would like your feedback. If you would like to test out our TACTIC Perforce integration, please contact Southpaw Technology to get started.