November 29, 2011

Using the QA Wizard Pro Stopwatch Functions

Helix ALM
QA Wizard Pro reports always contain a starting and ending time, which is useful for understanding how long the script took to run. However, if you want to time specific sections in a script you can use the Stopwatch functions to return time in milliseconds or in HH:MM:SS format. In the following example, the startstopwatch and stopstopwatch functions are used to see how long it takes for the BugInfo window to open and be closed.
Window("Bug Info").Button("buttonClose").Click()
Window("BugReporter Dialog").Close()
The following steps show how to retrieve the elapsed time and print it to the Output Window.
'Get elapsed time and print to Output Window
println("X = " + X)
println("Y = " + Y)
Following is a sample display of the elapsed starting and ending times for a specific section in a script. More information about the stopwatch functions is available in the QA Wizard Pro User Guide.