April 13, 2015

Using TestTrack to Reduce Risk and Improve Resource Planning

Helix ALM
EECSince 1971, Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC) has been on the cutting edge of Doppler radar technology. By combining its core strengths in the areas of in-house design, manufacture and production, and intellectual property, EEC has positioned itself as a market leader, complementing its high-performance meteorological radar systems with the ability to provide direct broadcast satellite ground stations and other applications to governments, academic institutions, and commercial enterprises on every continent of the globe. Because EEC writes all of its own customized software packages for hundreds of clients, they needed a solid test management solution. Ninety percent of EEC's business is international, and cobbling together spreadsheets and emails just isn’t a sustainable way to keep developers on the same page. Since 2000, EEC has relied on TestTrack, Seapine’s application lifecycle management solution, to help reduce risk and improve resource planning. Simple to deploy and endlessly scalable, TestTrack helps EEC manage requirements, workflow, issues, and testing.
“When we bring in customers for training and they see we have this kind of system in place, it’s beyond impressive. TestTrack instills confidence and makes EEC stand out above the rest.” Albert Free Systems Engineering Director, EEC
Why do EEC's staff and customers find TestTrack so impressive? Get all the details in the customer story.