January 19, 2011

Ant and Perforce


P4Ant provides easy access to Perforce operations in an Ant build script.Using Ant, a popular open-source build tool, with Perforce just became a whole lot easier. The new P4Ant provides a set of Ant tasks for common source control activities, such as syncing files to a workspace or labeling files used during a build.

Speaking as someone who once wrote a set of Ant targets to perform common Perforce operations by invoking the p4 command line client, I can only say that I wish P4Ant had been around 5 years ago. Back then, labeling files with an automatic label wasn't nearly as easy as:

            description="latest build label"

(The p4.changelists property can be set manually or using other P4Ant tasks.)

If you're using Ant as your build tool, P4Ant will make your life a lot simpler. Its easy to use and doesn't require any special handling for different platforms. Give it a try!