October 8, 2014

Need some TLC for your P4D? New deployment options for your Perforce Server

Version Control

remote administration p4dPerforce server architecture has taken significant strides lately. It wasn’t too long ago when we had customers running hundreds or even thousands of users off of a central Perforce server aided by good ol’ caching proxies. Fast forward to today and you have a several deployment options to choose from as part of the federated server architecture. Some examples:

  • 2013.x release: Perforce server replicating to a DR server, a couple of forwarding replicas, and a build replica
  • 2014.1 release: A Commit Server replicating to a few Edge servers
  • 2014.2 release (coming soon): Built-in clustering and failover support for high availability

Perforce architecture is flexible enough not to enforce any one particular deployment. If you are a 20-user shop, you may be fine standing up a standalone Perforce server without the need for any additional replication-driven components. As you grow your footprint, you could always add on those components as needed. A standalone Perforce server requires very little attention once setup. Speaking of which, have a look at the Perforce Server Deployment Package (SDP) that is available in the Perforce Workshop. SDP encapsulates best practices for setting up a Perforce server, including several automation scripts for several chores such as offline checkpointing, mass user creation, server initialization scripts, etc.

More intricate Perforce deployments may need some nurturing every now and then, with tasks such as upgrades, third-party integrations, migrating from other “legacy” systems, etc. To supplement our customers’ Perforce administration needs, we offer a Remote Administration program that plugs our expert consultants into our customers’ environments for any hands-on assistance when needed. As part of this program we also proactively monitor the health of servers via automated daily email alerts as well as periodic server log analysis. Recently, we streamlined this program to make it easier (lesser paperwork!) and more affordable for our consultants to provide assistance. If you are short on bandwidth, or are ramping up with Perforce staffing, or like the idea of some additional assurance to safeguard your vital digital assets, talk to us.