November 16, 2011

Share, Vote, and Discuss on P4IdeaX

Version Control


This past week Perforce quietly launched, a new service designed to be a better conduit for our community to provide valuable feedback into our development process. P4IdeaX is the latest part in our ongoing Ecosystem efforts to provide greater transparency and two-way dialogue via a number of conduits so users can engage with us where it is easiest for them to do so. Anyone can sign up for a free account and submit their ideas or build on existing ideas by voting or commenting to provide valuable feedback that our devs can use when it comes time to build.

P4IdeaX is an instantiation of the open source software project BBYIDX which was originally written for Best Buy to power their own BestBuyIdeaX site. Unlike many other idea incubators like IdeaStorm, Get Satisfaction, etc, this package was selected because of its absolute focus on remaining constructive and positive. In fact, there isn't even a "down vote" option. If you aren't in favor of a suggestion you just ignore it rather than telling someone else why their idea is terrible. I'm hoping this will help keep the focus right where we want it, on providing real solutions to user's needs.

The site is fiendishly easy to use, offering people four main tools to dip their toes into the idea soup; Share, Upvote, Discuss, and Read Feedback. Still in an early rollout phase, the site does not have all the bells and whistles that we hope to eventually add. What it does have are all of the basics required to get a started down the path to telling us what you long for in your deepest Perforcian daydreams. Employees and community members alike have started to share ideas and some of those ideas are already under consideration for development. We are very excited about the possibilities.

Feel free to stop on by, kick the tires, and send us any feedback you might have. We always welcome the opportunity to improve what we have out there so don't be shy. In fact, P4IdeaX has a "current" (an aggregation of similar ideas) designed just for the P4IdeaX site itself, so if you have ideas on how to make our suggestion box better by all means put them up! Come on by and offer up product suggestions, votes, comments, or just good mojo, we look forward to all of it.