Surround SCM
May 25, 2017

What’s New in Surround SCM 2017.1

Version Control

Surround SCM 2017.1 is here! This release includes some nice enhancements that you’ll want to get familiar with.

More options for reviewing files in code reviews

You now have more flexibility to see the exact changes you're interested in and how changes look when reviewing files in code reviews. You can show differences for versions not included in a review, for more information. You can also ignore case and white-space differences, change the differences output, and change the font and tab width. Learn more.    

More options for code reviews

Get files with historical filenames

When getting files by label or timestamp, you can now retrieve them using the name they had when they were labeled or at the time specified by the get. Learn more.

More flexible text end-of-line formatting

Surround now supports additional file types when adding files, setting file properties, and setting server options to auto-detect or ignore files based on filename or extension:  Text (CR/LF), Text (LF), UTF-8 Text (CR/LF), and UTF-8 Text (LF).     When getting text files using the Surround SCM CLI, you can now override the default end-of-line format set in the user options. This is helpful when build scripts that run on one operating system get files used exclusively in builds for another operating system. Learn more.

More flexible formatting options

And more!

This release also includes other enhancements, such as:

  • Support for the Jenkins Pipeline feature from the Surround SCM Jenkins plug-in
  • Better performance when switching branches because information is loaded in the background, allowing you to continue working
  • More options for administrators when analyzing and repairing issues in Surround SCM databases

Ready to check out Surround SCM 2017.1? If you have a current support and maintenance plan, upgrades are free. If you’re not already using Surround SCM, contact us to try it out today.