August 21, 2014

Version Control and Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

In recent years, Continuous Integration (CI) has become essential to Agile development for ensuring code quality, and Jenkins is one of the leading tools in this space. Coming from a Version Control System (VCS) vendor perspective, I wondered: how exactly does a CI system interact with a VCS system? What are the mutual benefits?

At both the August 22 Jenkins User Event in Copenhagen and the September 8 User Meet-up in London, I am going to talk about the relationship between a CI system like Jenkins and a VCS like Perforce or Git. I will cover the different usage patterns and especially the role of code review tools as the glue between a CI and VCS system.

Perforce has recently submitted its own Jenkins plugin to the community that simplifies the integration and speeds up the builds. P4 Plugin has been greatly received with early adopters who have given us valuable feedback already.

Why don’t you have a look at the new plugin and see how easy it is to integrate your Jenkins tasks with Perforce? In a later post I will go more into details on how the plugin works and how to set it up.

Happy hacking!