September 18, 2014

Version Control: No Longer Just a “Software” Thing

MERGE User Conference

Yesterday at MERGE 2014, we saw adidas and Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, on stage showcasing their use of Perforce.  A design powerhouse, adidas supplies shoes for the world’s leading athletes—as well as the rest of us. Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, has been trailblazing and helping pilots navigate the globe using their iPads. Interesting, neither was talking about software version control!

At adidas, designers are meticulous about their shoe design process. A shoe often takes birth as a napkin sketch—literally. The design is then iterated across many revisions in paper, 3d models, and physical models, before it reaches production and eventually the market. adidas’ marketing team is an integral part of the process, working closely with the design team to illustrate the highlights of a new shoe and build the corresponding marketing material. The design lives and evolves in a Perforce deployment, fronted with a custom UI geared towards non-technical users. Consumerization of Versioning, they say!

Boeing is not just in the business of manufacturing planes. Via its Jeppesen division, Boeing builds applications for global navigation. Pilots in the modern flight deck carry all the information they need on an iPad. Boeing powers these applications via a data cloud (or object storage), which contains map data among other things. FAA regulations mandate Boeing to meticulously track any and all changes to navigation maps. IP protection demands airtight security and the ability to quickly roll-back to older datasets is critical to the business. Boeing built a custom object store using Perforce to power its navigation service. (The software part was versioned, too, but that’s for another blog).

As another customer put it “creating is iteration,” and version control is crucial in documenting the evolution of assets, whether artwork, navigation maps or something altogether different. We’re excited to see global leaders trust Perforce for creating new innovations every day.